• Living in Maastricht

Living in Maastricht

Maastricht, a historic city

Over the past decades, Maastricht has changed from a quiet provincial capital to a vibrant, international student city, not in the least because ever since the Maastricht Treaty (1992) was signed here, the city is known as the birthplace of the European Union. More than 10 percent of the inhabitants are students, and almost half of those are international. In total almost 20 percent of the Maastricht population (more than 122,000 inhabitants) are involved with higher education in the city as students or employees.Maastricht is a wonderful city to live in. Exactly the right size, with an inviting and beautiful city center, it surprises you constantly with its mixture of 17th century mansions and ultramodern architecture. The cobblestone streets, the impressive churches and wonderful squares. The city is vibrant, not in the least thanks to the many international students, and there are many activities to do.


Ever since the Romans established the settlement Maastricht, over 2000 years ago, the town has been a melting pot of Germanic and Latin cultures. Furthermore, it’s in the middle of two different language areas: French in the southern Wallonic region of Belgium and German in the east. Every market salesman in Maastricht speaks sufficient French and German to serve customers from the neighboring countries. Speaking of markets, every Wednesday and Friday is market day on the Market square around the City Hall. Especially don’t miss the Friday market: it has a gigantic offer of vegetables, fruit, meat, and most importantly, a spectacular selection of fish.

Food and shopping

Besides a large number of restaurants catering to everyone’s taste and style, Maastricht offers several great organic stores, high-quality caterers, fantastic bakers, cheese stores and butchers. In the city centre, but also in the suburbs, you will find shopping centres and supermarkets.


Maastricht Housing offers various unfurnished rooms, studios and apartments for students and staff who wish to rent for an indefinite period. These living spaces are owned by private landlords, real estate agents and three Maastricht housing corporations. More information can be found here.

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