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MERLN is a dynamic and expanding institute and new positions become available on a frequent basis. Keep an eye on this page for updates on available vacancies. We also recommend keeping an eye on the Academic Transfer website. Applications for vacancies posted on Academic Transfer should be submitted through there.

Group leaders are also interested in receiving open applications from outstanding candidates at any time.

Open vacancies

Postdoc, Regenerative medicine
  • A postdoc position is available at MERLN as part of the JOINTPROMISE project. JOINTPROMISE is targeted at precision manufacturing of microengineered complex joint implants. This postdoc project is about ensuring the biological properties and quality of the implant and using that information to improve the manufacturing platform. We start with cells expanded in large numbers, assemble them into “microtissues” (aggregates of cells), and further assemble those as we move towards a therapeutically-relevant size. At each step, it is important to establish the biological quality of the implant. The team is therefore developing a toolbox of destructive and non-destructive techniques that can assess cell phenotype. We are specifically seeking someone who possesses expertise on transcriptomics (including single cell RNA sequencing) and advanced light microscopy (incorporating automation) to contribute to this aim. More information about the project, the requirements and the application process can be found on Academic Transfer. Application deadline is February 9, 2020.