BioMatt: Polymeric Biomaterials

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BioMatt: Polymeric Biomaterials

The BioMatt group focuses on the synthesis, characterization, and application of customizable biomaterials. Our main research interests include 1) dynamic and life-like materials to mimic the cellular environment and to influence cellular behavior, 2) well-defined materials enabling better biofabrication, and 3) polymeric systems which respond to mechanical force. Of particular interest is the use of reversible supramolecular interactions and dynamic covalent chemistry to build these materials. Simply, we want to blur the lines between materials and life.

Our group is strongly rooted in organic and polymer chemistry synthesis, using physical organic tools to rationally design materials. We directly test our materials for tissue growth and cellular function, optimizing the interactions needed for successful cell-material communication. We create not only platforms for bioengineers to customized, but also tailor-made materials to tackle some of the big problems in tissue engineering.

Selected publications

  • Hafeez S, Ooi HW, Morgan FLC, Mota C, Dettin M, Van Blitterswijk C, Moroni L, Baker MB. Viscoelastic Oxidized Alginates with Reversible Imine Type Crosslinks: Self-Healing, Injectable, and Bioprintable Hydrogels. Gels. 2018;4(4),
  • Ooi HW, Mota C, Ten Cate AT, Calore A, Moroni L, Baker MB. Thiol-Ene Alginate Hydrogels as Versatile Bioinks for Bioprinting. Biomacromolecules. 2018;19(8):3390-3400,
  • Ooi HW, Hafeez S, van Blitterswijk S, Moroni L, Baker MB. Hydrogels that listen to cells: a review of cell-responsive strategies in biomaterial design for tissue regeneration. Mater Horiz. 2017;4:1020-1040,
  • Baker MB, Albertazzi L, Voets IK, Leenders CMA, Palmans ARA, Pavan GM, Meijer EW. Consequences of chirality on the dynamics of a water-soluble supramolecular polymer. Nature Communications. 2015;6:6234,
  • Baker MB, Ghiviriga I, Castellano RK. Molecular multifunctionalization via electronically coupled lactones. Chem Sci. 2012;3:1095-1099,

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