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Internship possibilities

We welcome both Bachelors and Masters students from the UM and elsewhere to perform their internships and theses in MERLN.

What can you expect?

  • Highly interdisciplinary and customized projects.
  • Involvement in the ongoing research of the institute.
  • Learn new skills, such as:
    • Laboratory: cell culture, molecular biology, biochemistry, materials science, fabrication, microscopy, and many more
    • Computational: image analysis (CellProfiler), Virtuall Cell, R, computational modelling
    • Professional: writing skills, presentation skills, creative and critical thinking
  • A lot of fun!

How can you apply?

Interested applicants are encouraged to apply by contacting a PI directly (visit the PI pages in the cBITE, CTR, and IBE departments to learn more about their research). Applications are welcome the whole year round, but spots are limited due to the availability of supervisors and facilities, so you are encouraged to apply early. As a general rule, internships and theses are unfunded. For Maastricht University FHML students, an overview of available internships can also be found on the UM internship page.