Aart van Apeldoorn

Principal Investigator

Dr. Aart van Apeldoorn is an Assistant Professor and currently holds a position as a principal investigator in the MERLN institute for technology-inspired regenerative medicine at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. His research is focused on developing improved beta cell delivery strategies for type 1 diabetes. He maintains a number of international and national collaborations and received a number of research grants, including JDRF and the Dutch Diabetes Research foundation.

Van Apeldoorn was previously CEO and Founder of MicroCandela Systems i.o., project leader on a Dutch Platform for Tissue Engineering project on Raman imaging for tissue engineering, worked in the bone tissue engineering team at IsoTis (now part of Integra LifeSciences). He was chairman of the steering committee of the Dutch Diabetes cell therapy initiative (DCTI) and is member of the JDRF beta cell replacement consortium. He moved to MERLN at the end of 2016 to further develop his islet research, pancreatic tissue engineering and bioengineering strategies involving beta cells and islets for clinical applications.


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