Abhishek Harichandan


In vitro Nephron model generated through morphogenesis of pluripotent stem cells

Abhishek completed his PhD in biology in 2013 from the laboratory of stem cell characterization, headed by Dr. Hans-Jörg Bühring, Division of Hematology, Dept. of Internal Medicine II, University Clinic of Tübingen, Germany, where he also was trained as a postdoctoral fellow. During which he worked in close collaboration with Dept. of Urology, University Clinic of Tübingen. He was involved in identification, isolation and characterization of tissue specific stem cells and their cancer initiating counterparts as well as the heterogeneity pertaining to these populations. During the course of his research, he was able to gain extensive knowledge pertaining to primary human adult stem cells residing within various human adult tissues.

His current research interest is in developing stem cell based therapies and disease models by combining stem cell biology and bio-fabrication. The aim of my study is to establish protocols to drive human pluripotent stem cells towards terminally differentiated cells types of kidney, which can be combined with bio-fabrication process to develop viable functional units of kidney in vitro.