Adrián Seijas Gamardo

PhD Student

What about cells' feelings? An in vitro model for the study of tissue innervation

Adrián comes from Galicia (Spain). During his Bachelor in Biotechnology (University of León) he collaborated with the Cell Biology Department. There he performed his thesis about endocrine disruptors working with zebrafish. He also visited the Health Research Institute of Santiago de Compostela (IDIS) where he gained knowledge in Neurobiology research. During these years he also combined his studies with his other passion that is science communication.
Later he completed his Master in Biomedical Sciences at Maastricht University. During this period, he first studied cell communication between mesenchymal stem cells and macrophages using micropatterned surfaces. Then, he carried out his thesis in a collaboration between MERLN and Ophthalmology (UMC+). He studied the effects of glaucoma on retinal ganglion cells, developing an in vitro model for this purpose.
He joined MERLN Institute as a PhD student under the supervision of Paul Wieringa. In his project, he wants to learn about tissue innervation. This involves the manufacturing of a 3D platform that can sustain neuronal culture together with other tissues and study the role of innervation in them.


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