Alberto Sensini


Biofabrication strategies for enthesis regeneration

Alberto is an Italian biomechanical engineer. He carried out his BSc and MSc in biomedical engineering at the University of Bologna. In 2019 he obtained a Ph.D. in Mechanics and Advanced Sciences of Engineering at the University of Bologna, developing an innovative electrospun hierarchical scaffold for the regeneration, replacement and simulation of different human tissues, with particular focus on the tendon/ligament one. In this context, he did several research periods at the University of Portsmouth and Sheffield (UK), improving his skills in micro-CT investigations and preliminary static-dynamic cell cultures. Since November 2019 he worked as Postdoc at the University of Bologna within the H2020 Fetopen project Magnify, following also several other projects related to electrospun hierarchical scaffolds and electrospinning in general.

From October 2022 he joined MERLN as Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow within the project 3NTHESES, focusing on the development of multi-material scaffolds for the regeneration of the enthesis tissue (tendon-to-bone attachment).

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