Alex Guttenplan


Developing microfluidic platforms for biomaterials characterisation as part of the BIOMAT on microfluidic chip project

After an undergraduate degree in chemistry and a Master’s focusing on supramolecular chemistry, Alex did his PhD research between the Departments of Pharmacology and Chemistry at the University of Cambridge as part of the Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Doctoral Training Centre, developing a new class of protein-based nanomaterials and a microfluidic system to synthesise and characterise them. Following some time in industry at a leading microfluidics company, he joined the BIOMAT Interreg collaboration in order to help develop microfluidic platforms to investigate cell-biomaterial interactions.

Currently, his research focuses on bone  remodelling and regeneration, in order to aid the development of better artificial alternatives to bone grafts. In particular, he has initiated a collaboration with Hasselt University to develop sensors for the real-time investigation of bone resorption and mineralisation, and is working on devices to combine biomaterials with other physical or chemical stimuli to study their combined effect on cell behaviour. The platform developed by the BIOMAT project will allow higher-throughput investigation of biomaterials while reducing the need for animal experiments.


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