Arthur Helsen

PhD Student

Dynamic hydrogels as adaptive biomaterials for cartilage tissue engineering

Arthur received his Bachelor in Biomedical Sciences at Hasselt University (Belgium) in 2019. For his Master’s thesis, he worked on the development of tough, double-network hydrogels for injection and 3D printing.
After obtaining his Masters in Bioelectronics and Nanotechnology in 2021, he started a joint-PhD project between the BioMatt group (MERLN, UM) and the AFP group (UHasselt).
In his project, Arthur is focusing on the development of dynamic hydrogels for cartilage tissue engineering and 3D printing. Here, he will investigate the possibility to regulate cell behaviour using supramolecular hydrogels. Using these materials, he aims to create an injectable/3D printable system for osteochondral defects seen in osteoarthritis.


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