Asli Ak

PhD Student

Modelling embryo implantation in vitro by developing an endometrium-on-chip

Aslı comes from Istanbul, the most crowded and fascinating city in Turkey. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics, at Sabanci University. On her third year, she went to Netherlands with Erasmus+ and had the chance to travel within Europe. Following her exchange, she received a scholarship from Radboud University and continued her Master’s degree in Human Biology. Throughout her studies, Aslı conducted and participated in several research projects. Her latest research project was about obtaining endometrial organoids to study endometriosis.

In March 2021, she has joined the MERLN Institute as a PhD student. She will work on unraveling the molecular mechanism behind endometrium receptivity, embryo implantation, and cellular cross talk. The ultimate goal of her project is to investigate the origin of reproductive problems, effectively treat infertility and endometrium-associated diseases. Her project is in close collaboration with MUMC+ and therefore, is highly interdisciplinary which consists of biologists like herself, bioengineers, and medical doctors.


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