Baishali Ghibhela

PhD Student

Standardized open Modular Approach to Recapitulate Tissues (SMART OoC)

Baishali comes from a small town in state Odisha, the best kept secret of India. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology from Utkal University, in the same state where she grew up. She further continued her studies again in the field of Biotechnology and obtained master degree from Vellore Institute of Technology, Tamil Nadu, India in the year 2022. During this period she got fascinated by the idea of Tissue engineering and Regenerative medicine and carried out her master thesis from IIT Guwahati, India on the formulation of novel silk based photo-crosslinkable injectable hydrogel for meniscal tears and injuries.

Continuing with the same journey and seeking to explore the unexplored, she joined MERLN Institute at the department of IBE as PhD candidate under the supervision of Prof. Roman Truckenmuller and Dr. Niloofar Tahmasebi in March 2023. In her PhD project, she aims to develop a novel, Standardized, open and modular Organ-on-chip Approach to Recapitulate tissues (SMART OoC) specifically skin and Intestine. To which, the functionality will be demonstrated by inducing inflammation and testing drugs. However, current drug development is greatly hampered by the lack of physiologically relevant pre-clinical model that represent physiology of human immune cell mediated skin and intestinal fibrosis. Therefore, she aims to develop in vitro human SMART Skin-Fibrosis-on-chip model mimicking epidermal rete ridges and vascularized dermis as well as SMART Gut-on-Chip model with integration of villi scaffold, vascularization and microbiome signaling.

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