Carlos Peniche Silva

PhD Student

Enthesis regeneration using temporospatial molecular and topographical cues

Carlos studied Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Havana where he graduated in 2014. He completed several research trainings in drug delivery systems and gene delivery at the Center of Biomaterials (University of Havana, Cuba) and the Experimental Trauma Surgery department of the Technical University of Munich, Germany. His research there focused on designing new type of dendrimers for non-viral gene delivery, under the supervision of Elizabeth Rosado Balmayor, who has since joined MERLN as PI. An important part of his scientific training has focused on the use of Molecular Biology techniques for the study of gene expression and quantification. Carlos also has experience with oxygen monitoring techniques during mammalian cell culture. In MERLN, he studies enthesis regeneration using temporospatial molecular and topographical cues in the cBITE department of Martijn van Griensven.


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