Chloe Trayford

PhD Student

Uncovering stem-cell based corneal regeneration with multimodal nanotechnology

In 2018 Chloe completed her masters degree in chemistry at the University of Newcastle where she accumulated a strong but broad background of chemistry knowledge. Within her masters degree Chloe decided to spend a year at Groningen University with the Erasmus programme, here she was immersed in the world of research for the first time. She spent this year synthesizing novel nanomaterials for biomedical applications and was thrilled when she was invited to stay at Groningen for a research internship. She quickly realized research, specifically that which aims to develop nanotechnology would be fundamental in her career.

At MERLN, Chloe is synthesizing multimodal nanoparticles capable of tracking stem cells in vivo by a variety of imaging techniques. Followed by the use of a transplantation model based on the only corneal stem cell therapy; Holoclar®. In using this model the mechanism of regeneration of the cornea by Holoclar®  will be uncovered, this will help us not only to develop better therapeutic strategies for use in Holoclar® but for stem cell therapies worldwide. She is working under the supervision of Sabine and Pamela within the nanomaterials group in IBE. Don’t hesitate to contact her if you are interested in her research!


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