Claudia del Toro Runzer

PhD Student

Chemically modified mRNA coding for BMP-7 for bone regeneration

Claudia pursued her Bachelor’s in Biotechnology Engineering in Monterrey Institute of Technology (Mexico). During this period she was first introduced to Tissue Engineering in a 6 month research internship at Harvard–MIT Health Sciences and Technology (USA), where she worked with zein biomaterials and fabricating microbioreactors. Afterwards, she did a Master’s degree in Regenerative Biology and Medicine, at the Technische Universität Dresden (Germany). She worked on several projects exploring the regeneration mechanisms in organ systems, such as spinal cord regeneration of the zebrafish, skeletal regeneration of the axolotl limb, and neurogenesis of retina organoids. She moved to Maastricht for her final thesis project in the Islet Research Group at MERLN Institute, where she worked towards the development of an immunoprotective device for the transplantation of pancreatic islets.

She decided to join the team of Prof. Martijn van Griensven as a doctoral candidate. She is working with chemically modified RNAs, such as BMP-7, that would trigger bone regeneration to treat patients with osteoporosis or bone traumatic injuries.

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