Danielle Ferreira Baptista

PhD Student

Microengineered 3D analogues of alveolar tissue for lung regeneration.

Danielle has a background in Biomedical Engineering and Biophysics. For her Master’s, she specialized in Clinical Engineering and Medical Instrumentation where she discovered Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine.  A strong curiosity for biomedical matters and a challenge-driven personality led her to pursue a PhD in this field and join MERLN.

Danielle’s work focuses on the development of microengineered biomimetic in vitro models for lung research, where she combines biology, microthermoforming and microfluidics.  Her hypothesis is that (native) curvature must be considered essential when designing realistic in vitro models. Her approach consists of preserving lung’s curved microanatomy and recapitulating its physiology, hence creating innovative alveolar and bronchiole models that can be integrated on-chip.


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