Denis van Beurden

Lab Manager

Denis was born and raised in Drunen, close to Den Bosch. He did his Biochemistry study in Utrecht, and after getting his Bachelor degree he started his working carreer in Wageningen at Numico Research. He moved to Amsterdam to participate in MS research at the Netherlands Institute for Brain Research. Back in Utrecht he worked at the department of metabolic and endocrine diseases of the Wilhelmina’s Childrens Hospital. He was involved in research of Hereditary Tyrosinemia type I, and the function of the FIC 1 protein and the relation of the FIC 1 protein with Cholestase.
As he moved in with his girlfriend who lived in Sittard, he started working at the University of Maastricht for the department of Human Biology. Subject of research was 'Diet, insuline-resistance and chronic inflammation.’

After generating  monodispersed particles via microfluidics in Eindhoven for the company EmulTech, he is now back at Maastricht University to work for the MERLN institute within the department of IBE.  Besides working within MERLN he is involved  he likes spending time with his wife and 2 daughters, going to festivals and rock concerts, do some running and drink a nice triple beer every now and then.

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