Dongqin Xiao


Synthesis of tissue engineered musculoskeletal junctions using biofabrication method

With a background in biomedical engineering, Dongqin started a Phd in the field of biomaterials, especially in the enhancement of osteogenesis and angiogenesis of calcium phosphate scaffolds. After graduation, she works in a research institute of Tissue Engineering and Stem Cells as a research assistant, focusing on the bone and cartilage tissue engineering. Now, she is a postdoctor in MERLN Institute for Technology Inspired Regenerative Medicine Complex Tissue Regeneration Department, under supervision of Lorenzo Moroni. Her main focus is to design and prepare scaffold for tissue engineered musculoskeletal junctions. As cells resident in these tissues respond to the mechanical environment and graded material composition, thus, her focus is on how to guide the stem cells to differentiate in a spatial gradient through material design.


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