Dorian Luijkx

PhD Student

3D-modelling of the mammalian blastocyst in vitro

In 2017, Dorian completed his Bachelor’s degree in Biology at Wageningen University. After going on Erasmus exchange to Copenhagen University, he decided to switch from his Master’s programme in Wageningen to the Cancer, Stem Cells and Developmental Biology programme at Utrecht University in 2018.

During this programme, Dorian conducted research at the Utrecht Regenerative Medicine Centre. Here he worked on the optimization of intestinal organoid co-cultures with mesenchymal stem cells to study Graft-versus-host disease. After this internship, he was an intern at the RIKEN BioResource Research Centre in Tsukuba, Japan. The aim of his project there was to generate iPS cells derived from DiGeorge Syndrome patients as an in vitro model for the development of this disease.

In August 2020, Dorian joined MERLN as a PhD student in the IBE department. He will work on the further development of the blastoid, a 3D model of early mouse embryogenesis. Particularly, he aims to translate this model to humans and study the trophectoderm, the cell lineage that forms the placenta.


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