Floor Ruiter


Development of dynamic biomaterials for the support of kidney organoids maturation.

Floor started her Bachelors of Organic Chemistry at the University of Applied Science Utrecht in 2008 (NL). She was awarded a VSB fonds Scholarship to study abroad (2012) in England, where she completed a Masters in Advanced Chemical Engineering with IT and Management at Loughborough University (UK). After being accepted in the PhD Doctoral Training Centre Regenerative Medicine (2013) she conducted her doctoral research with Prof. Felicity Rose, Prof. Cameron Alexander and Dr. Joel Segal at the University of Nottingham (UK), with visiting scholar under Prof. Kristi Kiick at the University of Delaware (USA, 2017). She received her PhD in 2018 on the design of thermo-responsive scaffolds for enzymatic-free passaging and human corneal stromal cell phenotype support.

Her main research interest lies in the design of biomaterials and investigate the cellular response on these materials.  Her Postdoc project within the REGMED XB consortium is focussed on the design of a 3D dynamic biomaterial to promote the maturation of kidney organoids with the aim of developing transplantable kidneys for diabetic patients.

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