Gabriele Addario

PhD Student

Kidney fibrosis in vitro model

Gabriele received his Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering, with a specialization in biomechanics and biomaterials at Politecnico of Milano, Italy. Pursuing his passion for biofabrication and in particular bioprinting, in June 2019 he started his Master Internship in the Complex Tissue Regeneration (CTR) department of MERLN on kidney bioprinting.

In February 2020, Gabriele started working as a PhD candidate in CTR. The main goal of his project is the implementation of bioprinting techniques to produce an in vitro model, allowing the investigation of kidney fibrosis. Kidney fibrosis is considered the best predictor of the development of all chronic kidney diseases, considering 10% of the worldwide population suffers from impaired renal functions.


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