Gözde Sahin

PhD Student

Development of artificial cornea substitute with micro-designed architecture

Gözde received her master degree in chemical engineering in Middle East Technical University, Turkey. During her master study, she focused on fabrication techniques of well-defined biodegradable micro-particles for drug delivery applications. After her master degree, she started PhD at Maastricht University in 2018 and has since focused on development of bioengineered corneal constructs by using cutting-edge technologies.

Since the well-known treatment of blindness is cornea transplantation and millions of patients are unable to obtain cornea due to donor shortage, the need for development of artificial corneas is increasing. A lot of work has been spent on the development of suitable, tissue-engineered cornea alternatives but so far only with moderate success. Therefore, she aims to overcome the issue of donor shortage and develop bioengineered corneal constructs compatible with patient needs.