Hao Wu

PhD Student

Fabrication of a full-layer biomimetic human skin equivalent and its application in keloid formation

Hao comes from Shanxi Province, China. He likes to taste delicious food and travel around in his leisure time. Hao obtained a bachelor's degree in medicine and a master's degree in stomatology at Jilin University in China. During his master’s study, he mainly focused on the clinical work of orthodontics and periodontal tissue regeneration research. Then, he was granted by China Scholarship Council to come to MERLN Institute to start his PhD study under the supervision of Dr. Paul Wieringa and Prof. Lorenzo Moroni in Sept 2022.

His research aims to establish a biomimetic human skin equivalent model with immune activity, coordinated innervation, and vascular network. He hopes to use this model to simulate the process of keloid formation and explore the mechanism of neurovascular tissue in keloid formation.


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