Islet Research

cBITE Department

The Islet Research group led by Dr. Aart van Apeldoorn focuses on developing improved beta cell delivery strategies for type 1 diabetes. His group aims to find and engineer an optimal islet transplantation environment using a combination of bioengineering, biomaterials science, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine research. His research involves developing technologies for pancreatic tissue engineering, design and manufacturing of islet delivery devices, and basic research regarding the islet extracellular matrix and the addition of cell stress relieving factors to delivery devices.

Aart’s group is currently also involved in RegMed XB as a research leader for the type 1 diabetes moonshot project. For research news and a more detailed list of publications on beta cell replacement please visit:, or

Selected publications

  • Groot Nibbelink M, Skrzypek K, Karbaat L, Both S, Plass J, Klomphaar B, van Lente J, Henke S,  Karperien K, Stamatialis D, van Apeldoorn A.A,  An important step towards a prevascularized islet microencapsulation device: in vivo prevascularization by combination of mesenchymal stem cells on micropatterned membranes, J Mater Sci: Mater Med 2018; 29: 174,
  • Buitinga M, Assen F, Hanegraaf M, Wieringa P, Hilderink J, Moroni L, Truckenmüller R, van Blitterswijk C,  Römer GW, Carlotti F,  de Koning E, Karperien M, van Apeldoorn A. Micro-fabricated scaffolds lead to efficient remission of diabetes in mice, Biomaterials 2017; 135: 10-22,
  • Marchioli G, van Gurp L, van Krieken PP, Stamatialis D, Engelse M, van Blitterswijk CA, Karperien M, de Koning E, Alblas J, Moroni L, van Apeldoorn AA. Fabrication of three-dimensional bioplotted hydrogel scaffolds for islets of Langerhans transplantation. Biofabrication 2015; 7(2): 025009,