Ivo Beeren


Designing 3D printed constructs that mimic the natural cellular environment to regenerate osteo-chondral defects

Ivo finalized his master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology (2018). During his studies, he discovered his interests in chemistry, biology and technology. As these sciences are all combined in the regenerative medicine, he aimed to do research in this field. Besides his graduation project, Ivo did an internship in the USA to expand his knowledge in the field of biomaterials and cells. Afterwards, he joined the MERLN institute (August 2018) to pursue his PhD-title. Here, he will be working on the regeneration of osteo-chondral defects.
Currently, clinical treatment methods have limited success in inducing functional regeneration. The aim of his project is to design constructs that re-create the natural environment by combining polymer chemistry and 3D printing. He will be working on the development of new biomaterials for 3D printing (solid polymers and hydrogels). Part of his research comprises the design of grafted polymer structures that resemble native network-like topologies. On 3D printed constructs, he aims to introduce biological gradients to control cell behaviour locally.


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