Joanna Babilotte


Multimaterial fabrication for temporomandibular joint replacement

Enthusiastic about biomedical technologies, Joanna undertook an Engineering Master Cursus in Biomaterials for Health at CY Cergy Paris Université. Over these 5 years of academic formation and her past work experience, she developed a great interest in bone tissue engineering and 3D printing technologies. She decided to deepen her skills and knowledge in the field by joining BioTis laboratory in Bordeaux. Here, she did a PhD under the supervision of Dr. Sylvain Catros. Her research aimed to develop an innovative 3D scaffold for bone repair by organizing osteoprogenitor cells inside the scaffold through a layer-by-layer approach.

Following her desire to expand her expertise, she joined the MERLN institute as a postdoc in March 2021. Her main focus is to develop a multimaterial scaffold for temporomandibular joint (TMJ) reconstruction. Indeed, current strategies do not meet the complexity of the TMJ functional structure. The approach here is to associate innovative materials and combine different additive manufacturing technologies to develop new solutions that will meet clinical expectations.


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