Laury Roa Fuentes


Formation and characterization of synthetic embryos in microfluidic platforms

Laury obtained her Bachelor in Biology at Universidad Industrial de Santander in Bucaramanga, Colombia. Driven by a deep interest in embryonic development she got a scholarship to start her PhD in Biomedical Science at RadboudUMC in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. During this time, her focus was on unravelling the molecular mechanism behind Cleft lip and/or palate. This affection occurs during embryonic development and involve several signaling pathways. She was especially interested in WNT signaling activity during the secondary palate development.

Following her interest in embryonic development and wanting to focus on the principles of stem cell self-organization, Laury joined Dr. Stefan Giselbrecht’s group at the MERLN Institute. She is exploring the early mammalian embryonic development by creating morphogenetic microenvironments to form blastoids, structures that resemble morphologically and transcriptionally the E3.5 blastocysts. She is also aiming to shed more light on the complex post-implantation development of mammalian embryos by analyzing the interactions between the blastoid and the mouse uterus.


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