Lei He

PhD Student

Development of bone graft substitutes for bone defects caused by cancer

After finishing a Bachelor’s from Sichuan University and a Master’s from Southwest Jiaotong University both in Biomedical Engineering in China, Lei came to the Netherlands and began his PhD project in Maastricht University, MERLN in March 2020.

Lei is investigating bone defects caused by cancer in bone tissue, especially after the removal of tumor tissue which is treated as primary bone cancer disease. Bone cancer gradually becomes another urgent cancer disease, affecting thousands of people, especially for adolescent and elderly persons.

In his project, he will build a bifunctional composite combining ion-loaded mesoporous silica or calcium phosphate nanoparticles and bio-ceramic scaffolds since, in bone tissue which is quite different with other location of tumors, the properties of eradicating tumor cells and promoting bone cells regeneration should fulfill both, and the defects also need to be filled with some bulks.


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