Liline Fermin

PhD Student

Uncovering the mechanisms of osteoinduction by biomaterials through decoupling material properties

Liline obtained her bachelor at the Maastricht Science Programme, where she developed an interest in regenerative medicine and biomaterials. She pursued this interest further through her bachelor thesis at Radboudumc on the effect of osteoclast extracellular vesicles on osteogenesis. She continued exploring bone regeneration and biomaterial development during her Masters in Regenerative Medicine and Technology, which contained two more research internships. In October 2021, she joined the department of Instructive Biomaterials Engineering (IBE) as a PhD student, to investigate the mechanisms of osteoinduction, through decoupling material properties of biomaterials.

Biomaterials have a range of material properties, which can all influence its bioactivity (stiffness, porosity, topography, etc.). Liline’s project focuses on understanding which material properties cause osteoinduction by decoupling properties. By studying the cellular changes, Liline hopes to further uncover the mechanism of osteoinduction. Furthermore, through this research she hopes to be able to combine multiple osteoinductive properties to develop new biomaterials.

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