Marlon Jetten


Development of an immunoprotective islet delivery device for the treatment of type 1 diabetes

Previously working in the field of Toxicogenomics, Marlon joined the islet research group at MERLN in 2017. Currently severe cases of type 1 diabetes are treated by the transplantation of donor Islets of Langerhans.
This method comes with severe drawbacks including donor shortage, the need for life-long use of immunosuppressive drugs and the temporary lifespan of the transplanted graft. By combining knowledge from the fields of regenerative medicine, bioengineering and molecular biology, Marlon focusses on the development of an immunoprotective device for the transplantation of islets. This device would offer transplanted islets with an immuneprivileged and optimized environment rich in nutrients and oxygen, as such preventing the loss of transplanted islets. This would allow for a more efficient and long term treatment of type 1 diabetes.