Martyna Nikody

PhD Student

Physiologically relevant in vitro model for bone regeneration

Martyna received her Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences at Leeds Beckett University. She moved to Maastricht to continue her studies and obtained a Master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences with a specialisation in Regenerative Medicine. For her master’s thesis, she joined MERLN institute and worked on optimisation of an in vitro model of the proximal tubule, which could be used to study toxin removal in the nephron.

In September 2019 she joined MERLN as a PhD student. Her focus is to improve the in vitro testing of biomaterials for treating critical-sized bone defects, which subsequently improves the clinical outcome of biomaterials-driven bone regeneration. To this end, she is currently working on creating a physiologically relevant bone model that represents the biological, chemical and structural complexity of the bone tissue micro-environment.

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