Mirco Sana

PhD Student

Bioprinted thyroid model

Mirco obtained a Master Degree in Medical Biotechnologies in 2019 at the University of Milano Bicocca focusing his studies on cancer immunotherapy, in particular in the hemato-oncological field. During his studies he was also greatly interested in regenerative medicine and for this reason he applied for a PhD position at MERLN Institute. He started his PhD project in March 2019 with the objective of developing a bioprinted thyroid 3D in vitro model.
By optimizing the bioprinting process and evaluating the best biomaterials and cell culture conditions, he aim to create a model that will mimic the in vivo functionalities of the thyroid. This 3D thyroid model will be the used as an in vitro assay to evaluate the effect of different “endocrine disruptors” (EDs), substances that adversely interfere with the endocrine system.


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