Mirjam Kip


Endocrine disruptor screening in 3D in vitro thyroid models

After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and a Master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences, Mirjam did her PhD in the Department of Surgery at Maastricht University. Her PhD project aimed at elucidating the intestinal response to ischemia-reperfusion in a human in vivo model, and developing an in vitro disease model for ischemia-reperfusion injury using human intestinal organoids.

In July 2021, Mirjam started a post-doc project at CTR MERLN under the supervision of Prof. Lorenzo Moroni and Dr. Stefan Giselbrecht. Her project is part of the SCREENED consortium, which focuses on the development of different 3D in vitro thyroid models for the screening of endocrine disrupting compounds. These novel in vitro assays will better mimic thyroid structure and functionality than classical 2D models, and are expected to predict with more sensitivity the effect of endocrine disrupting compounds on human health.

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