Monize Caiado Decarli


Human platelet lysates-based scaffolds for interfacial multi-tissue repair

Pursuing her interest for Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering, Monize completed her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Biotechnology at Federal University of São Carlos (São Paulo, Brazil). During this time, Monize also acquired experience in the clinical environment. First, after her bachelor’s she worked at a Blood Center Medical School (HCFMRP/USP), monitoring patients with autoimmune diseases after stem cell transplantation. Subsequently, in her master’s she enrolled in a multidisciplinary team at a Research Center (Butantan Institute), which aimed at developing a recombinant vaccine against rabies. In 2016, she embarked on a new challenge in the form of a PhD project based on a double doctoral degree program between Maastricht University (MERLN Institute) and University of Campinas (School of Chemical Engineering). Under the supervisor of Prof. Lorenzo Moroni and Dr. Carlos Mota from the Dutch side and prof. Ângela M. Moraes and Dr. Jorge V. L. da Silva from the Brazilian side, her research focuses on the use of cell spheroids for the biofabrication of cartilage tissues through 3D bioprinting. Monize’s current postdoctoral project is part of the InterLynk consortium focusing on the use of human platelet lysates-based hydrogels  for interfacial multi-tissue repair. These highly biological hydrogels are intended to be applied for temporomandibular joint regeneration.


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