Niloofar Khoshdel Rad


Modeling branching morphogenesis using a kidney-on-chip

Description (everyone)

Niloofar received her Ph.D. degree in developmental biology at Royan Institute, Iran. During her Ph.D., she found a lot of interest in 3D models of kidney tissue and focused on generating human pluripotent stem cells-derived renal microtissue using a co-culture system.
Following her interest in multidisciplinary research and wanting to focus on stem cell-based kidney models, Niloofar joined Dr. Stefan Giselbrecht’s group at the MERLN Institute. She is working on microfluidic systems for modeling the branching morphogenesis of developing kidney. These models allow us to elucidate the developmental mechanisms of ureteric tree branching and establish novel disease models for congenital anomalies of the kidney and urinary tract (CAKUT).


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