Niloofar Tahmasebi


Biomate on Microfluidic Chip and Bottom-Up Regeneration of Musculoskeletal Tissues.

Specializing in biomaterials and tissue regeneration, Niloofar obtained her Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from AmirKabir University of Technology in 2009 in her home country, Iran. She then followed her journey by starting her PhD  at Tissue Regeneration department at University of Twente, in the Netherlands. Her PhD project was dedicated to developing advanced calcium phosphate biomaterials for biomaterials-based bone regeneration.

After finalizing her PhD project, Niloofar started working at a startup company, Materiomics, as R&D team leader where together with her team, she worked on screening and identifying functional surface microtopographies that affect cell response and are therefore, able to dictate specific cell fate. Being ambitious to start her own research line, Niloofar decided to focus more deeply on her research in an academic environment and started her post-doc at MERLN Institute in 2018, within “Biomat on microfluidic chip project”, where her research is focused on development of a (microfluidic) platform for biological screening of biomaterials in 3D, microbiomaterials development and regeneration of  modular musculoskeletal tissues using bottom-up approach.


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