Pichaporn Sutthavas ('Por')

PhD Student

Development of Hybridge nanocomposite for musculoskeletal tissue engineering.

Nanoparticles are interesting materials to improve the regenerative capabilities of biomaterials by offering ways to closely control surface and mechanical properties to direct stem cells’ behaviour. Moreover, their drug delivery capabilities can be used to improve their biological performance by providing temporal control over biochemical cues.

Receiving Thai government scholarship in 2017 , Pichaporn or commonly known around the lab as Por,  started PhD in the field of regenerative medicine at MERLN. Her main focus is to study cell-nanomaterial interaction. She aims to develop  composite inorganic nanomaterials with ability to stimulate mesenchymal stem cell’s (MSCs) adhesion, proliferation and differentiation for bone regeneration in hope of gaining new insights into cell-material interactions at nanoscale and provide new rules for material design.


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