Qiang Wang

PhD Student

Mitochondria targeted treatment to rescue the molecular signature of ageing cells for tissue regeneration.

Qiang obtained her bachelor's degree in Pharmacy from Harbin Medical University(2017) and master's degree in Chemical Biology from Yunnan Minzu University(2020). She focused on the isolation and identification of active components in traditional Chinese medicine during her master. Then she worked as a research assistant in organic synthesis of nucleic acid compounds at Peking University. In 2022, she was granted by China Scholarship Council. She joined MERLN Institute to start her PhD under the guidance of Prof. Lorenzo Moroni, Dr. Berta Cillero-Pastor, and Dr. Pieter Emans in June 2023.

Her research will focus on mitochondrial-targeted therapy to rescue senescent cells and facilitate cartilage tissue regeneration. Her primary objectives involve establishing osteoarthritic cartilage, osteochondral defect models and in vitro chondrocyte models, to investigate the chondrogenic recovery and skeletal regenerative potential of mitochondria-targeted peptides.


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