Sangita Swapnasrita


Modelling of kidney toxins

Sangita holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Chemical Engineering. She has worked with computational modelling of materials for her Master’s as well as PhD. To continue on the same computational path but in a completely new field, she joined MERLN as a Postdoc under Dr. Aurélie Carlier in the cBITE department at Maastricht University to work on modeling of kidney toxins. Millions of people around the world are on temporary or permanent dialysis treatment due to renal dysfunction. While transplantation has not been an option for many, dialysis has come forward leaps and bound to help such persons with renal functionalities. However, with artificial processes are yet to successfully remove class 3 protein-bound toxins from blood plasma. Modelling such toxins will not only remove the burden of performing in vivo experiments but also give deeper insights into the transportation of such toxins and optimize dialysis conditions.


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