Shanty Florencio


I am an Aruba native who, in 2020, relocated to the Netherlands to pursue higher education. In the course of my studies in Biomedical Science, with a focus on Genetics, Molecular Biology, and Chemistry at Maastricht University , I immersed myself in various projects that shaped my expertise.

During my second and third years, I was an integral part of the iGEM team, contributing to the Methagone project. This initiative aimed to reduce methane emissions from cows through GMO modifications.

In my third year, I undertook a compelling internship at Maastricht University's cardiology department, specializing in HiPSC. Here, I worked on differentiating hiPSCs into atrial and ventricular cells, utilizing retinoic acid to achieve desired outcomes.

Currently, I am a member of the CBITE team at MERLN, working under Vanessa LaPointe. My role as a lab technician involves leveraging my diverse skill set to contribute meaningfully to our ongoing projects and research endeavors.


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