Translational aspects of regenerative medicine

Regenerative medicine research is inherently related to a clinically relevant problem, which leads to idea formation on how to best translate scientific outcomes into a medical intervention, or new improved treatment strategy.
At MERLN we aim to combine engineering, materials science, and fundamental biological research in a multidisciplinary way, while involving clinicians and focusing on how to best develop a new regenerative medicine-based therapy for patients in urgent need of a cure. When studying the basic principles of, cell material interactions, new (stem) cell therapies, bioengineering, developmental biology and tissue development, we always keep entrepreneurial aspects, clinical implementation, future product development, and the intended patient in mind. We do this by creating an international community in which we join forces with health foundations, industry, and expert colleagues in the field, working together towards a common goal, which is to develop better treatments for patients using a regenerative medicine-based strategy.

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