Tristan Bodet

PhD Student

Generation of a Macro-to-Micro vascular networks

Tristan Bodet comes from Longjumeau, located in the Parisian’s suburbs. He studied Biomedical Sciences at the Faculty of Fundamental and Biomedical Sciences for Health in the University Paris Descartes, France. During his Bachelor’s degree, he specialized in immunology and metabolic biochemistry. He continued with a Masters focusing on Health Engineering and Biomaterials at Galilée Institute at University Paris Nord. During this time he went to the ART-Bioprinting (Accelerator of Research in Technology –Bioprinting), a part of the BioTis laboratory in Bordeaux, France, where he performed his thesis on the development of perfusable systems using 3D bioprinting, focusing on artificial hierarchical vascular systems using micro-extrusion and inkjet technologies.

In the continuity of his thesis, in July 2018, Tristan started his Ph.D in the CTR group (Complex Tissue Regeneration) at MERLN, Maastricht under the supervision of Lorenzo Moroni. He is actually, working on the development of an innovative vascular system allowing the transition from macro- to micro-scopic scale. This subject is part of the European project B2B.


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