Urandelger Tuvshindorj

PhD Student

Binary coded, digital biointerfaces – a next generation biomaterials approach with spatially complex subcellular patterns of discrete surface and near-surface properties

Urandelger (Urnaa) joined MERLN family in October 2016 after graduating her master’s degree in Material Science and Nanotechnology at Bilkent University (Turkey). In her PhD, she is developing bio-interfaces with discrete subcellular patterns to study cell-material interaction in depth.

Cell behavior is controlled by the environment: the present biochemical cues and the physical properties of the surrounding matrix. We know these bulk properties of biochemical and mechanical signals effect on cell functions, but not much on the local subcellular impact of these physical properties. Using micro- and nanofabrication tools, Urnaa wants to build the platforms with the spatial distribution of local properties such as topography, extracellular matrix proteins, and matrix stiffness and she hopes to understand local environment effect on cells a little bit better.


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