Víctor Galván Chacón

PhD Student

Parametric Design of Biomaterials for Bone Regeneration

Víctor Galván was born in Mérida (Spain). He studied Physics at University of Extremadura and University of Granada, and obtained his Master’s Degree in 2012. Being interested in the application of Science and Technology to human health, he enrolled in a Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering at the School of Industrial Engineerings of Badajoz, Spain. He graduated in 2014 with the thesis “Development and Optimization of Biphasic Bioceramics for Bone Tissue Engineering” about the production of Bioglass 45S5/β-TCP inks for robocasting.

In February 2015 he moved to Maastricht to start his PhD at the Department of Instructive Biomaterials Engineering on the topic of biomaterials for bone regeneration.

His research projects include a big data approach with the aim to understand the effects of individual materials properties and their combinations on cell behaviour, a droplet microfluidics platform that allows to engineer the synthesis process of ceramic biomaterials, and a nanofabricated bone-on-chip that provides an on-chip bone-mimicking microenvironment that can potentially be used to study how individual properties influence the bone regeneration process.


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