Vijay Vaithilingam


Creating a bioartificial pancreas.

Vijay’s pre- and post- doctoral training are in the field of islet transplantation and biomaterials aimed at developing a cell therapy for type 1 diabetes. Especially, his post-doctoral training at CSIRO, Australia aimed at developing a bioartificial pancreas using microencapsulation technology and human embryonic stem cells. His postdoctoral training also involved developing anti-fibrotic strategies to prevent fouling and enhance graft survival, develop non-invasive imaging technologies, development of 3D printed scaffolds to contain encapsulated islets and testing different transplantation sites. He also gained translational experience and was part of the Australian team conducting phase 1 clinical trials with microencapsulated human islets.

At MERLN, he will be working on a RegmedXB project aimed at developing a bioartificial pancreas using an immunoprotective macrodevice and iPS derived insulin producing beta cells. The project is highly interdisciplinary and Vijay be working at the intersection of biomaterials and microfabrication, cell biology, bioengineering and transplantation.


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