Whitney van de Vin


In 2017 Whitney got her intermediate vocationally education degree in Biotechnology from ROC Leeuwenborgh. She got her Bachelor’s in Biomedical Science from Zuyd University three years later in 2020. During her studies within Zuyd University her minor project was in collaboration with the Maastricht Science Program and Chemelot Innovation and Learning Labs (CHILL). The goal of the minor project was to do research on an alternative diagnostic (point of care) test for urinary tract infections. For her graduation, Whitney did comparative research on immunoblot techniques for the diagnosis of Lyme Borreliosis within Zuyderland Medical Centre.

In 2020, Whitney started her professional career as a laboratory technician at MERLN Institute in the group of Stefan Giselbrecht. Here she will help in developing innovative micro-engineered microfluidic systems to form a complex synthetic microenvironment for 3D stem cell models.


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