Yousra Alaoui Selsouli

PhD Student

Bone Microfactory: development of a plug-and-play microfluidic platform for combinatorial production and high-throughput screening of bone graft substitutes.

Yousra studied Inorganic materials, processing and production system engineering at Ecole Nationale Superieure de Céramique Industrielle (ENSCI) in Limoges, France. In May 2018, Yousra joined MERLN institute to start a PhD in the department of Instructive Biomaterials Engineering (IBE) on the topic of microfactories for high-throughput production of synthetic bone graft substitutes. In contrast to the conventional one-material-for-one-experiment methods for developing new biomaterials, bone microfactory project aim to develop a method for high-throughput synthesis and screening of ceramic biomaterials.

The development of a robust platform for combinatorial production and high-throughput screening of inorganic biomaterials will result in new bone graft substitutes with a bone-regenerative potential that is at least equal to that of autologous bone. Such a platform will also be applicable for production and screening of other biomaterials. Yousra’s main focus within this project is to develop a calcium-phosphate based materials library using Design of Experiments and designing/developping customized collectors in 384-well plate format allowing post-processing and performance screening using a cell-based assay.

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