Zeynep Karagöz

PhD Student

In silico modeling of the cell–biomaterial interface

Zeynep Karagöz is from Turkey and she earned a bachelor’s degree in molecular biology and genetics at Bogazici University in Istanbul in 2016. Same year she moved to Munich, Germany to start her master’s studies at Ludwig-Maximilian University (LMU) where her focus was computational biology. During her thesis work, she gained experience in several RNA sequencing and statistical data analysis methods as well as transcriptome assembly methods. Following her thesis, she worked as a scientific assistant for five months at the LMU to continue working on a project about transcriptomics analysis of early differentiation stages from induced pluripotent stem cells to neural progenitor cells in three primate species. In September 2019, she has joined MERLN institute. She is using computational modelling methods to understand the cell – biomaterial interactions and will investigate the effects of biomaterial properties on tissue regeneration, aiming at the development of intelligent biomaterials that drive the functional regeneration of living tissues and organs.


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