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Dutch RNA Conference

Conference has been postponed due to coronavirus crisis.

The first Dutch RNA Conference, which will encompass the most exciting areas of RNA research in the Netherlands, will take place in The Hague on May 8-9. MERLN is happy to be introduced into the Dutch RNA Network and Elizabeth Rosado Balmayor will be one of the speakers in the RNA-based therapeutics session. The deadline for registration is April 15, 2020.

Event Date 08 May 2020
BYA lecture Paul Wieringa

The Maastricht Science Program has invited Paul Wieringa to give a BYA lecture on "MERLN Perspectives and Challenges in Tissue Engineering & How to become a MERLNer". This event will take place in room KAP1.009, Kapoenstraat 2 at 18:30. An abstract and poster are available.

Event Date 12 March 2020
Master's Open Day

During the Master's Open Day of Maastricht Univeristy, you can learn more about what our University can offer you in the way of personal and professional development. MERLN's master in Regenerative Medicine will also be represented. Find out more info, including the Open Day schedule, here

Event Date 07 March 2020
Brightlands Glossy Launch

Brightlands is launcing its 2020 Glossy Magazine. In this new edition they look back to the year 2019. During the launch event on March 5, some of the main characters from the glossy will be part of a panel discussion, which includes MERLN's Mireille Sthijns. More information can be found here.

Event Date 05 March 2020
RegMed XB Annual Meeting

RegMed XB will have its 2020 annual meeting on 4-5 March in Utrecht. During this two-day event, they will highlight several aspects of their institute such as the community built on excellent science, industrial involvement, patient perspective, and valorization. More information can be found here.

Event Date 04 March 2020
Seminar by Prof. Regine Willumeit-Römer

Prof. Regine Willumeit-Römer from the Helmholtz-Center Geesthacht, Germany, will visit MERLN to give a lecture entitled: “Biodegradable magnesium implants: ready to use or fake news?”. The seminar will take place in the MERLN kitchen (UNS40, C3.577) on Tuesday 14 January from 13:30 till 14:30. An abstract can be found here.

Event Date 14 January 2020
MERLN PhD Symposium

MERLN is organizing the 4th annual PhD Symposium. During the symposium PhD students from MERLN and our fellow LINK institute M4I will give presentations and present posters on their work. The symposium will take place in the MERLN office (UNS40, C3.577). Visitors from other departments are also welcome to attend!

Event Date 06 December 2019
MDR Annual Meeting 2019

The MDR Annual Meeting brings together faculty, PhD students, postdocs and technicians working in the participating groups of the MDR Research Center to share the latest developments and breakthroughs of their research. The aim of this event is to stimulate discussion and interaction between members of the MDR groups, with the intention to further strengthen the collaborations and joined efforts leading to outstanding research. MERLN will also be represented so come and join us! You can register here.

Event Date 05 December 2019
MERLN represented at TERMIS

MERLN is represented at the annual TERMIS conference in Orlando, Florida. Lorenzo Moroni will be there promoting the 2021 TERMIS World Congress which will be hosted in Maastricht. If you're in the neighbourhood, come and find us!

Event Date 02 December 2019
MERLN Outreach: Lecture at Technologietafel

In order to strengthen cooperation between education and (technical) businesses in the Helmond area, the Technology Table ("Technologietafel") event is organized on a regular basis. This cooperation is important to bring developments and innovations from the business community closer to the world of education. Teachers need up-to-date knowledge, students need to be continuously inspired by the world of technology, and the business world needs well-trained technical personnel. In doing so, an extra impulse can be given to promoting science education and motivating students to choose a technical study. MERLN is supporting this initiative by giving a lecture on regenerative medicine, with a special focus on the work done at our institute. The audience consists of high school students and their teachers from the Dr. Knippenbergcollege. The lecture will be given by Erik Vrij, postdoc in IBE, and takes place in the Elkerliek hospital in Helmond, on November 28, from 15:30 till 17:30.

Event Date 28 November 2019

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