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Aurélie Carlier promoted to Associate Professor

Congratulations to Aurélie Carlier who has been promoted to Associated Professor in MERLN!

As a newly appointed associate professor in a mixed education-research profile, Aurélie would like to continue improving her teaching skills and reach more students (e.g. through a dedicated course in the bachelor Regenerative medicine and technology), to enthuse them for mathematical biology and help them master it. She also wants to consolidate her two main research lines: 1) computational modeling of kidney physiology and pathology as well as renal assist devices and 2) computational modeling of cell-biomaterial interactions (mainly in the context of fibrosis), focusing on integrin and cadherin signaling, although she remains curious and open for other outside-of-the-box projects that involve in silico technologies. In the future she is also interested in making the developed computational models more patient-specific, of which a first step consists of making them sex-specific. Aurélie also wants to further develop her leadership skills, through amongst others Female Empowerment Maastricht University (FEM) and as chair of the Netherlands Society for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering.

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